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Dott. Armando Zappala

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Armando has a first-class degree in technology and policies for urban planning from Catania University, Italy.  He also has a first-class masters degree in urban planning and policies for cities and environment from IUAV Istituto di Architettura di Venezia (Higher Institute of Architecture of Venice), as well as a surveying qualification from the Collegio dei Geometri of Catania.

Armando’s technical skills are a great asset to the team.  He is able to use specialist design software, such as Adobe suite as well as technical planning and architectural software such as Autodesk softwares.  He holds a ESRI GIS (Geographic Informative System) certification, as well as other professional software certifications.

Joining DLBP in 2015, Armando has assisted the team on a wide range of projects.  He has worked on strategic masterplans for residential developments (all over 50 units) within rural sites in West Sussex, Bedfordshire, and Norfolk. He also has experience of assessing heritage sites that have potential for new development.  Armando excels at producing townscape studies to show the impact made by different types of development proposal, including new residential developments, and expansions of existing residential buildings and bridges in London, Hampshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

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